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Meet the team

At FinMeUp, we're more than just financial experts; we're real people with unique personalities, on a journey similiar to yours and this allows us to resonate with you and support you in the best way possible.

Higgo van Biljon

Leading FinMeUp with vision and expertise, Higgo van Biljon ensures that our mission of personalized financial empowerment is at the forefront of everything we do.

Paul Roux
Financial Planner and Innovator

Paul is not just your Financial Companion; he's also an innovator in the financial realm. Beyond charting financial courses, he enhances your financial journey through innovation.

Isaac Chikutukutu
Software Developer

Behind the scenes, Isaac is the tech wizard who ensures that FinMeUp's platforms are cutting-edge, seamless, and user-friendly, He's on a mission to transform financial education into an engaging experience.

Ingrid Klückow
Partnerships & Community Manager

Ingrid plays a vital role in building strategic partnerships and managing our community. From organizing events to fostering network connections, she ensures an enriching financial journey.

Jonté Smit
Social Media and Production Manager

Jonté brings creativity and flair to FinMeUp as our Social Media and Production Manager, ensuring that our online presence reflects the dynamic spirit of our team, whilst answering to the needs of our community.

Our Board of Directors

The FinMeUp board brings experience in financial services, product development and finance.