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Looking after your credit score

  • 17
  • 2:30:00
  • Development
40% off R 102
R 170

This course covers the basic things you need to know about how your credit score is calculated and will help you make better decisions around credit in the future.

Tax basics (South Africa)

  • 18
  • 3:00:00
  • Finance & Accounting
40% off R 300
R 500

Does tax season scare you? Or is tax just a myth to you? This course covers the basics of tax in South Africa and will help improve your understanding of all those funny terms in your tax return form.

Understanding Cryptocurrencies

  • 19
  • 4:00:00
  • Cryptocurrency
40% off R 249
R 415

Understanding cryptos better is essential as it's the currency of the future. Don't get left behind.

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40% off R 300
R 500

Insight into starting and scaling a business successfully with the fundamentals and growth strategy.

Learn how to invest in assets!

  • 21
  • 8:30:00
  • Finance & Accounting
40% off R 300
R 500

Ever wanted to learn the basic skills needed to make investments? Increase or sharpen your investing knowledge with this course.

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40% off R 300
R 500

Digital marketing and how you can use it effectively to get your brand out there and using social media to generate business revenue.

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