Zeder Investments

June 17, 2024
Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark

Update on Zeder trading at 168 cents. Had a SELL on stock since 192 cents.

Agricultural Investment fund Zeder Investments is a shadow of its former self. Since the sale of Pioneer Foods, the unbundling of Kaap Agri and the sale of The Logistics Group, Zeder has repaid shareholders (and PSG its majority shareholder) handsome dividends

But for the past year the JSE listed company is dead in the water. It has two unlisted assets, both difficult and tricky to sell and its main asset if cash worth around 38 cents a share

I have had a sell on the stock since 192 cents and with Zeder today at 168 cents down -12.5% since my recommendation and ahead of the Annual General Meeting due on Wednesday 26th July, I update my current view on Zeder.




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