Why I sold my property and where I will be investing now.

April 16, 2024

The property was a great investment, but it is time for new opportunities.

In 2018, I bought a 2 bedroom flat in Pretoria.

I wanted to diversify my investments and property was an attractive option. (It still is)

Why did I invest in property and why do I still think property is a good investment?

  • Passive income- Rental income
  • Capital Growth of property


So why did I sell my property?

A few reasons:

1. I had my doubts with regards to capital growth of the property in the coming years.

2. Its great when you have a tenant, but when you need to find a new one it can be exhausting and time consuming.

3. Its an illiquid investment


But the biggest reason, was that I believe I can make better returns with the capital invested elsewhere.

Time will tell whether it was the right decision.


Here is my plan now:

I will be investing in:

  • Stocks (Majority)
  • Crypto (Minority)
  • My Fiancées new business (Pilates Studio)
  • Music
  • Cash

This will happen over a period. (NOT ALL AT ONCE)



Stocks will be the biggest part of my portfolio:

I will be posting here, on the FinMeUp app, as I invest in new companies.

I will share with you the companies, my research and my reasoning.

I will be investing in both JSE & US shares, but majority will be US shares.

I will post my first basket of shares that I will be buying later this week.


I will invest in companies:

  • That have growing revenues
  • High margins
  • In growing industries
  • With an attractive valuation
  • With a long-term outlook 5 years+
  • With services that have high & continuous demand
  • With a mix between high growth (profitable and unprofitable) and steady value companies. 

{I have a preference for high growth stocks.}


Over the next few days, weeks and months, I will be sharing with you which stocks and crypto I am investing in.


Other Investments

  • Fiancées Pilates studio- We need to chase dreams. Her studio is called Korr Studio. Check it out.
  • Music- I will be releasing an album later this year, some of the property proceeds will go towards this. 
  • Cash- In my opinion, Cash is trash, but cash flow is king. 

We are in a weird macro environment. Nobody knows how the next 24 months will play out. We may see further downside in some areas, which will present long term investors with an even bigger opportunity. So if that happens, I want some ammunition. That is why I will be holding some cash back.

Why do I think cash is trash?

Because inflation grows much faster than cash.

But, cash flow is essential.


Final Thoughts

I am constantly searching for the best opportunities to invest in, specifically in the stock market. 
Not all will be winners, but I hope to see some quality returns in the long term.

I think I have found a few long term GEMS, which I will be sharing with you here, on the FinMeUp app, as I buy them personally.

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