Updated Italtile note with correct link

April 21, 2024
Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark

I uploaded the wrong Gdrive link. It's now the right one

'Apologies. I wrote the Italtile note but added the incorrect GDrive link

Now I'm having to write this note again as this App won't allow me to edit a past nor delete one maybe I'm missing a trick here ?

Back to Italtile

Italtile is one of the Rolls Royce stocks of the JSE mid-cap sector with a market capitalisation of R18,2 billion and a solid long-term track record

The stock alongside the renovation and building material sector (Cashbuild) dud well during COVID DIY & home refurbishment boom but that trend fizzed Festive season 2021 into early-2022

That has been evident from the awful updates from Cashbuild (yet) Italtile has shown earnings resilience even if HEPS growth has been low single digits, its stilll growth, unlike its sector comparatives

This note is written following my recent meeting with management at the AGM



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