Uber Eats vs Mr D vs Bolt

April 21, 2024

Who's the best? Let's find out!


In this study, we compare burger, pizza, and sushi prices across the most popular delivery services in the game: Uber Eats, Mr D, and Bolt. Lets see how the weight up.


Parameters of study:

  • Location: Mix between Cape Town and Durbanville.
  • Date of research: 12 Sep 2022
  • Price comparisons only. Other factors such as delivery time, quality of service and user experience on the mobile app are excluded. 


Important info before we start:

  1. I found that the meal prices were exactly the same across the various platforms. Thus, only the service and delivery costs vary.
  2. The average premium per meal on the apps is roughly 20% before service and delivery fees are added.

Refer to the figures above


Pricing differences:

  1. Uber Eats charges service and delivery costs separately: The service fee is 5% of the meal price and the delivery fee is subject to the distance travelled. Average fee +R12.11.
  2. Mr D charges a consistent R20 (or sometimes R15) regardless of meal price or distance travelled. Average fee +R18.57.
  3. Bolt doesnt have many of the restaurants used in this study on its platform. Furthermore, the delivery costs were either very cheap or very expensive. I am unsure of how they arrive at these amounts. Average fee +R16.21.

Given the data collected in this study, Uber Eats is the most cost-effective platform.


Final trade-off

Meals excluding delivery:

  • Average meal price in store: R106.90
  • Average meal price on apps: R128.75
  • Premium per meal, delivery excluded: 20.43%

Meals including delivery:

  • Average delivery price:  R15.42
  • Average meal + delivery: R128.75 + R15.42 = R144.17
  • Premium per meal delivery included: 34.86%


The final cost of convenience equals 34.86%. Are you willing to pay a 34.86% premium?


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