Uber Eats vs Dine-in: How much are you paying?

July 17, 2023

Comparison between Uber Eats prices and dine-in prices

Everyone loves a Sunday takeaway and chill session. Who doesnt? The problem is that takeaways have become such an integrated part of our daily lives. Except for the obvious health disadvantages, how much are we actually paying for these meals? 

For the sake of simplicity, we are netting off the following costs:


Were comparing 5 of the most well-known brands in some of the most popular categories on Uber Eats: Burgers, Pizza, Sushi, and Convenience.


Burger and Fries

McDonalds (Big Mac medium meal)

  • Uber Eats: R84.80
  • Dine-in: R66.90
  • Premium: 27%

KFC (Colonel Burger meal)

  • Uber Eats: R73.90
  • Dine-in: R65.90
  • Premium: 12%

Steers (Original cheeseburger + fries)

  • Uber Eats: R84.90
  • Dine-in: R69.90
  • Premium: 21%

Spur (Original Spur burger meal)

  • Uber Eats: R103.90
  • Dine-in: R86.90
  • Premium: 20%

Roco Mamas (Classic beefburger and medium fries)

  • Uber Eats: R155.00
  • Dine-in: R119.00
  • Premium: 30%


Pizza: Hawaiian Large


  • Uber Eats: R119.20
  • Dine-in: R94.90
  • Premium: 26%


  • Uber Eats: R105.90
  • Dine-in: R84.90
  • Premium: 25%


  • Uber Eats: R125.90
  • Dine-in: R104.90
  • Premium: 20%


  • Uber Eats: R120.00
  • Dine-in: R105.00
  • Premium: 14%

Holy Dough (Abbot)

  • Uber Eats: R125.00
  • Dine-in: R109.00
  • Premium: 15%


Sushi: Platter for one

Ocean Basket

  • Uber Eats: R185.00
  • Dine-in: R150.00
  • Premium: 23%

Mai Thai

  • Uber Eats: R159.00
  • Dine-in: R129.00
  • Premium: 23%

Simply Asia (895 Menu F)

  • Uber Eats: R191.90
  • Dine-in: R159.00
  • Premium: 21%

Sushi Box (Fushion Box)

  • Uber Eats: R184.00
  • Dine-in: R153.00
  • Premium: 20%

Chef Chen

  • Uber Eats: R125.00
  • Dine-in: R105.00
  • Premium: 19%


Convenience: 2L Coke, 80g Top Deck, 135g Niknaks 


  • Uber Eats: R75.50
  • Pick n Pay: R55.00
  • Premium: 37%


  • Uber Eats: R76.88
  • Pick n Pay: R55.00
  • Premium: 40%


  • Uber Eats: R75.90
  • Pick n Pay: R55.00
  • Premium: 38%


  • Uber Eats: R94.00
  • Pick n Pay: R55.00
  • Premium: 71%


  • Uber Eats: R69.97
  • Pick n Pay: R55.00
  • Premium: 27%

Uber Eats is super easy and convenient when you really just want to chill on the couch. But, lets consider the following hard-truths:

1. Most of the food is junk food, which isnt great for your health. 

2. It doesnt feel like youre dining out, but the bill looks veeeeery much the same. Costs add up.

3. You are paying roughly 25% more per meal. Sure, thats the price we pay for convenience. Just be careful, prices on the app can be heavily inflated.

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