Turning Work Into Wealth

June 17, 2024
Paul Roux
Paul Roux

King Midas turned everything he touched into gold. Together, we can do the same. Let's explore.


My Story

My FinMeUp journey is almost exactly one year old today. And what a ride it's been. . . bar the BB gun I got for my 7th birthday, Ive never been as giddy about anything, ever. For those who dont know, FinMeUp is a startup - which means it's a lot like Gordan Ramseys kitchen: something is always cooking, getting ready to be cooked, or on fire. As such, everyone in our little collective has had to do a little bit of everything to keep the show on the road. But, sometimes, between helping everyone, everywhere, and all at once, we do get to spend some alone time with our job title. . . my most recent being that of finance content creator. And it involved pretty much what it says: covering financial news events, writing educational content, and analysing stocks on the JSE &NYSE.

Did I enjoy it? Absolutely! It was the perfect combination of two things I really love: Finance and Education. However, there was a problem - I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to win the Nobel prize for literature. Sure, I love writing and I believe that I am a good writer. And maybe with enough practice and experience, I can even aspire to be a great writerBut I have a strong suspicion that I will never be a brilliant writer. So, the Nobel is out. And, if Im being honest, if I cant have a real chance - at least in my mind - to be brilliant at something, Id rather focus my energies somewhere else. Naturally, the question then became: Where could I be brilliant? Where could I be that guy?


Why should you care?

For the last 6 months, one thought has dominated my entire existence: It is all I can think about, talk about, read about, and even dream about. And that is to be the best damn financial advisor this country has ever seen. I know I have a lot to learn, but I tell you this: I will be one of the best financial advisors in South Africa in the next 3 to 5 years. 

Why should you care? Because, whether we like it or not, our careers can often be all-consuming. For isnt it true that even if were not working, we still bring our jobs home in the conversations we have, the plans we make, and the good or ill feelings we share and experience? If our careers are such central parts of our lives, and if some sort of happiness is the goal of most, shouldnt we be aiming to do something we at least halfway enjoy? 

Imagine how cruel it would be to spend a lifetime doing something that you dont like. I say, there is a better way: The worlds a big place, with lots to do, and somewhere out there, someone is looking for someone like you to do it. So, if you can, be kind to yourself, pay attention, and make the change. Do it for yourself.


What is in it for you?

Now that the train has left the station its time to answer the most important question of all: whats in it for you?

The Rands and Cents of it is that most people have neither the time, the inclination, nor the expertise to manage their own investments. Hence, if youve come this far, the solution is clear: Let me do it for you. Its easy:

  1. Book a free consultation. [paul@finmeup.co.za / 0720405437]
  2. If you like what you saw and heard, we create a strategy that suits your particular needs best.
  3. And finally, we apply the Midas touch together as we turn your hard work into a secure store of future wealth.

What do I bring to the table? I invest on your behalf, offer free consultation sessions, and keep you in the loop with whats happening in the markets, so that you can focus on what you (hopefully) enjoy doing.

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