Track your Dividends

June 16, 2024

A tool to freely track your dividend payments, projected dividend income, and more.

Tracking your dividend payments will put you one step ahead of the average (dividend investing) joe.

With https://trackyourdividends.com/ you can freely track your dividend payments, future dividend income, and many more.

* This tool is only available for US companies


  1. Create free account
  2. Upload spreadsheet/csv
  3. Analyse away!


After creating a profile by following the sign up procedure, we want to add our stocks to the dashboard.

Let's add Apple (AAPL), Realty Income (O) and NIO (NIO).

We can upload our stocks via a csv (see attached picture) by providing the tickers in the first column, the number of shares in the second column, and the cost per share in the third column.

In our example, we buy:

  • 1 Apple Share at $150
  • 1 Realty Income Share at $65
  • 1 NIO Share at $35

Our current portfolio has a value of $221 and a portfolio yield of 1.76%.

Watch the YouTube video to see the ease of use.



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