July 17, 2023

The year of helium



  • ARC is the future golden child of billionaire Patrice Motsepe. Please see my previous article here https://finmeup.app/post/fd8d0e23-bbd3-460a-988d-c01881f2c80a
  • I did not select ARC in 2022 due to the uncertainty around Rain and the fact that I have never seen financial statements for TymeBank
  • Rain is a strong competitor for government projects.
  • TymeBank is still bleeding cash due to high set-up costs, but that should normalise.
  • ARC has a strong PE Ratio of 6.2
  • Share is trading at R6.27 with a Net Asset Value per share of R9.88



  • Grindrod had an amazing 2022, so why add it again in 2023? Simple, there is still runway left in the share price based on some uncertainties
  • Grindrod is still the only listed company that can benefit from the Transnet Third Party Access
  • The company has a significant amount of cash they can utilise to increase the share price
  • Forward PE ratio is reasonable 7
  • Share is currently trading at R10.53



  • I added Santova for the first time in 2022 and I am currently up over 30%
  • Santova is a logistics company that uses sophisticated technology to give them an edge. They have a presence in 11 countries
  • Santova is perfectly placed to benefit from the global supply chain issues the world is experiencing
  • This could be a perfect diversification play should the looming global recession transpire
  • Share is currently trading at R8.15



  • PPE had a horrible 2022 with the share price peaking at R3.50 and closing the year under R2
  • You need to divorce the share price from the business and only look at the business
  • EasyEquities is still adding thousands of customers per month
  • During volatile markets retail investors tend to panic and trade, leading to increased fee income
  • EasyEquities has tangible plans for the rest of Africa, Eastern Europe and the Philippines
  • New product offerings the group plans to roll out include script lending, insurance etc. will increase revenue



  • Nobody has to be more patient than a Renergen investor, as 2022 we had high hopes that the helium will come online, and we are still waiting
  • The plant was riddled with safety concerns resulting in delays
  • The highlight of 2022 was most definitely the LNG being delivered and Renergen officially becoming a producer, up from an exploration company
  • In December 2022 Phase 2 of its Virginia Gas Project reached Strategic status after it was designated a Strategic Integrated Project (SIP) by the South African government. This means that any approvals needed for Renergen will be fast-tracked significantly
  • The February 2023 year-end results will for the first time include revenue for the LNG
  • I am still saying, the helium is where the money is and the day that comes online, we convert the non-believers. I think that might just be the year 2023


Disclaimer: Nothing in this article should be seen as financial advice. Everything stated is for educational purposes only. Always do your own due diligence


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