The Weird Portfolio

July 17, 2023

The weird portfolio was created by valuestockgeek who you can follow on twitter:


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Weird Portfolio:

The weird portfolio was created with the conservative investor in mind. A portfolio that generate good returns with low volatility or minimal drawdowns. The portfolio is an index investment strategy that consists of 4 buckets, each serving a purpose.

The 4 buckets are:

Small Value ETF
Gold ETF
Treasuries ETF

The small value ETF and REITs ETF are in the portfolio because these two assets classes usually have superior long term performance when compared to other asset classes. The other two ETFs are in the portfolio because they do quite well in stressful environments and are less correlated with the broad market and the other two ETFs. Generally, gold and treasuries perform not as bad in bad market environments or they might even have positive returns in bear markets hence their inclusion in the weird portfolio. 

The weird portfolio is easy to implement with well backed reasons for each of the 4 allocations. Investors pursuing such a strategy should be able to sleep easier at night while still enjoying good long term performance.

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