Soft commodities going crazy inflation will surge

April 16, 2024
Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark

Since mid-2020 there has been a surge in the prices of global soft commodities its going to HURT

Corn, wheat, soya & sunflower the basics in ever thing we eat has surged pushing up input costs into everything we eat or any product raised for human consumption (chicken, meat or even milk).

You've all seen the recent price increases in the local shops. I've been warning on this for 18-months.

Now US corn, the benchmark global commodity has smashed to a record high. The Russian war & changes in United Sattes ethanol blending percentages has driven the corn price to US$8.18 a bushel

Locally, prices are also rising and rising hard. See my updated soft commodities table. Do you really think food producers can pass on these higher costs & will the consumer accept them?

Tough times are ahead in the food and animal rearing sector which is why I have avoided them for over 18 months .

I maintain positive on agricultural stocks for 2022 as well as my recent BUY's on Oceana Fishing (R52.00) and Sea Harvest (R12.99)


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