June 16, 2024
Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark

A giant in the agricultural market on a totally bargain basement PE

Agricultural and grains giant Senwes issued a revised trading update for its twelve months results to April 2023.

The first update on March 7th indicated headline earnings for the year would rise by between 20% to 30% from the corresponding FY2022 HEPS of 398.2cents per share.

The revised FY2023 trading update stated headline earnings would now rise by between 50% to 60% giving guidance range of between 597.3cps and 637.1cps. 

Using a mid-guidance HEPS places Senwes, trading at 1400 cents on its own platform, on a prospective PE of 2.27x.

Results are out June 27th 2023. Senwes is NOT a JSE-traded stock and the shares trade on its own company platform. The stock is illiquid and the company and its sector is not for beginners. However, the company has a solid track record of rising net asset value and dividends and is very conservatively managed.

I enclose two links

My recent update note on Senwes trading at 1400 cents


Link to the excellent and comprehensive Senwes AGM presentation of 2022 as background



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