PSG Group : The Unbundled Children

April 21, 2024
Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark

PSG Group recently unbundled many of its listed assets then de-listed itself.

This note hopes to provide a review of the recent activity regarding the un-bundling of some of the JSE-listed assets that were within PSG Group.

in mid-September PSG Group shareholders received shares in Curro Holdings, CA & S, Kaap Agri, PSG Konsult and Stadio Holdings.

PSG Group itself was then bought out my management and the Mouton family in late-December and its JSE-listing has ceased

In this review of the unbundled stocks I provide my commentary on each counter as well as GDrive links to recent more comprehensive notes written.

These are my personal recommendations and all participants of the scheme would be wise to understand each stock and what risk tolerance and positioning you would wish to take. Please undertake your own analysis and research




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