Poultry Imports

April 16, 2024
Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark

I highlight a report on the import data on poultry into South Africa

This report all 11-pages of it may now appeal to everyone, its specialsied and does not give direct equity recommendations.

However the data is important in understanding the drivers and levers within the domestic poultry sector (Astral Foods, RCL Foods - they won Rainbow Chickens - as well as Quantum Foods - they own NuLaid the country's largest egg company).

Imports have been falling which should aid domestic poultry stocks but locally the high cost of feed (maize & soya) and erratic and expensive loadshedding has hit the poultry sector hard.

Astral Foods & RCL Foods have already issued profit warnings for their expected results,

Data in this note helps me to make clear decisions as to when to time getting into or out of the sector. Astral Foods is the only mainstream listed poultry play BUT catch the cycle right & you can easily double your money in a year. That time is NOT YET but work like this keeps me informed.

You may find the data interesting.



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