Overview of my JSE Holdings (& New positions)

April 17, 2024

I have restructured my investment portfolio significantly. Here is an overview.

I have adjusted my investment strategy the past couple of months. Times have changed & will continue to change. 

So, I started moving away from risky assets to more safe quality businesses. (There are plenty of them)

US markets remain uncertain for the foreseeable future. Whilst I wont be selling any of my holdings, I wont be adding either. The SA markets look quite attractive, and so I will be DCAing my way into these holdings.

My personal opinion is that we have not yet seen the bottom for US stocks. That is also why Im investing all new funds to my JSE positions & will continue to do so for the next few months. 

Am I selling my US Stocks at these levels? No, but I prefer JSE shares with new funds.

So, lets dive into my JSE holdings.



Ive covered Santova quite a few times.

Im holding this stock for many years to come.

  • Great industry to be in if you can execute well & take market share
  • Geographical diversification
  • High ROE & ROI
  • Great CEO & team
  • Performance metrics are constantly increasing.
  • Cheap valuation with a very low PE.
  • Global player
  • Continued growth
  • New clients & client expansion



A boring long term educational play.

I say boring, because it will probably not shoot the lights out, but long-term shareholders will be rewarded if Stadio continues to execute well.

  • Student numbers are growing.
  • Accredited courses and offerings are expanding.
  • Operating in an industry that I like, with a quality and experienced management team.


Karooooo & Cartrack continues to grow & expand.

  • Good margins
  • Recurring revenue model
  • Sticky product
  • Continuous growth in subscribers
  • Attractive valuation
  • Dividends player
  • High insider ownership
  • Room for international expansion (Like Asia)
  • Easy to cross-sell & up-sell products

Capital Appreciation

CTA is an interesting Fintech play.

They have quite few businesses such as African Resonance, LayUp, Dashpay, Halo., Synthesis, Govchat & Responsive.

  • Blue-chip & resilient clients
  • Attractive valuation
  • Nice dividend stock at a dividend yield of over 5%
  • Strong client networks
  • Solid growth & prospects

Results are due in the next few weeks, I will post my thoughts thereafter.

Transaction Capital

SA Taxi, Risk Services & WeBuyCars

  • Covers both private and public transportation segments
  • Great management team
  • Great history of execution
  • Room for international expansion


My risky play.

In 7 years, Renergen has the potential to be much bigger than it is today, but this investment also carries risk.

To date, they have managed to build hype, but now they need to execute over the next few years.

If they do, patient shareholders will reap the benefits. It is a risk I am willing to take. Why?

  • Funds are secured
  • Management are OPERATORS
  • Phase 1 is being executed
  • Global Helium shortage (There will always be a demand)

We are still early, so still lots need to happen.


New holdings

(More info to follow soon)

  • Kaap Agri 
  • PBT Group


PE Ratios of the companies as per Moneyweb:

  • Santova: 4.96
  • Stadio 21.66
  • Capital Appreciation 10.15
  • Karooooo 24.6
  • Renergen N/A
  • Transaction Capital 28.7
  • Kaap Agri 7.96
  • PBT Group 13


Dividend Yield of the companies that pay dividends:

  • Kaap Agri 3.97%
  • Stadio 1.16%
  • PBT Group 5.28%
  • Capital Appreciation 5.51%
  • Karooooo 2.31%
  • Transaction Capital 1.58%

(Disclaimer: This should not be seen as financial advice at all. These are my personal holdings that suit my personal risk tolerance. Always do your own due diligence when managing your finances)


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