Michael Burry

June 17, 2024

Michael Burry is known as the guy who shorted the US housing market and made millions. A well known movie is based on him called 'The Big Short'. His background is somewhat unusual compared to that of the typical professional investor. For one thing, he studied medicine, lost one eye at the age of 2 and has Asperger's.

Many think of Burry as a 'permabear' i.e., an investor that mostly view the market negatively and continously feel that stocks will plummet irrespective of market condition. Some have even compared him to a broken clock, "even a broken clock is right twice a day". However, Michael Burry is more than just a doomsday predictor, he is actually a very good investor with a solid long term track record.

His been sharing value investing ideas since the late 90s and some of best early investment ideas can be found here:


From 2000 to 2008, he managed to grow his hedge fund by almost 700% compared to the meager 5% posted by the SP500. 

His investment style is definitely rooted in the value investing framework and best summarised by himself:

My strategy isnt very complex. I try to buy shares of unpopular companies when they look like road kill, and sell them when theyve been polished up a bit.

Frank Taber on YouTube gives a good account of Michael Burry, see below:


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