April 16, 2024

I've built this list over the years. Just because you pay for something, does not make it quality!!!



When I research a company, the first place I start, is the Investor Relations Page of that company. This page has the highest quality objective information about a company. Here you are not tainted by any analyst or journalists opinion of the stock. This page is also maintained by an independent party, called the JSE Sponsor or the Securities Exchange in the US.


To find the Investor Relations Page of any company type in the company name plus the words Investor Relations on Google. The first page that appears, is the website you want to start with.


What will you find on any Investor Relations Page?

  1. Integrated Annual Report
  2. Annual Financial Statements
  3. US Companies: 10-K & 10-Q Forms
  4. Presentations that accompany the financial statements



Google Finance combines the power of Google News with financial markets. It gives you a one-stop place that I find most useful for:

  1. Company News (you can set Google Alerts for your companies)
  2. If you use more than one investing platform, you can create one portfolio on Google Finance and track all stocks simultaneously
  3. The graphics on Google Finance for financial statements are very user friendly, if you dont like lots of numbers



I use Morningstar for the following purposes:

  1. Finding the competitors of the company I am researching
  2. Tracking ex-dividend dates and payment dates for all companies ZAR & USD



This is my go-to site for:

  1. Financial statements of all US companies
  2. Valuation of all companies ZAR & USD
  3. Comparison to peers of all companies ZAR & USD



This is the best website to research leadership of US companies as well as the company cultures. Glassdoor is an open community that allows employees and employers to create accounts in order to anonymously read, post and respond to company reviews, salary data and more. Just as employees can go on and rate their companies, past or present, employers can go on to check on the company's overall scores and reviews. It is transparent and objective reviews.



SA Shares is the leading, most comprehensive directory of all listed shares on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. View prices, SENS and consensus on every listed JSE share and indices.


What I love:

  1. The ability to see what is going to move a share price. These guys have done the hard work. See image attached. It gives you an idea of what to look out for.
  2. Winners and losers of the day. Here I can spot trends or if something is brewing in an industry


Any resources over and above what are on this list I call nice-to-haves

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