Investment bundle trends in Crypto and global currency wars

April 17, 2024

Will the Dollar lose dominance? Where is the Rand heading with political headwinds & Crypto's role?

In this episode, we chatted about the great monetary and asset transformation that Crypto brings to the market. 

Will the world see a move away from dollar dominance, or could the Yuan be the future global currency? We get Sean's take while we understand the role Crypto can play in this world. 

01:22 Macroeconomic outlook 
02:22 Crypto update 
03:27 Crypto Correlation 
05:35 Thematic product offerings being launched 
10:07 Future of emerging market currencies 
11:31 World Dedollarization 
13:45 Trading Yuan? 
16:00 Future role of Crypto in this world

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