I bought these 5 JSE shares today

April 16, 2024

I currently own only 6 companies in my JSE portfolio, below is the 5 that I bought today.

I bought these 5 shares today


  • Santova

Santova published incredible results recently. My personal opinion is that the demand for their services are going nowhere.

Management have executed incredibly over the past few years

Still at a very attractive valuation, even after the incredible returns over the past year.

Industry will continue to grow 

In short, it is a JSE small cap performing well on a Global stage.


  • Capital Appreciation

Another small cap for my bottom drawer.


(Deep dive coming after their results)


  • Masterdrilling

Attractive valuation

On 22 March, they posted a SENS announcement regarding their recent financial results. It is looking very promising!

Large order books, healthy cash position, HEPS growth of 348% and a big revenue pipeline.

(Will do a deeper dive soon)


  • Alviva

This is a bet on the digital economy in Africa.

It is also at an attractive valuation for my liking.

Check this:



  • Transaction Capital

This is an incredible company.

The addition of WeBuyCars in their portfolio is accelerating their growth even further.

SATaxi and their financial services devision is also very important businesses.

Management is world class.

Attractive valuation

Internation expansion is on the cards


With these recent purchase, I now only own 6 companies in my JSE Portfolio.

My other holding is Renergen.

All these investments are multi year investments for me.

I will look to but more of shares in these companies over the next few weeks & months, especially if they have pullbacks.

(I will do deeper dives in all of them as well.)

I also have my eye on a few other JSE companies.

I will share all my purchases/trades here on the FinMeUp app.

Most of my investments are in my US Portfolio.

I will share which US companies I invested in tomorrow.

Have a great day.


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