How to make money online through affiliate marketing

June 16, 2024
Fred Babu
Fred Babu

Affiliate marketing is billion dollar industry. If you understand marketing, you can earn too.


It is not clickbait, you will need put in some time and effort before you start seeing meaningful results.

I started affiliate marketing in December 2020 and have made over $2 450 to date.

Here is how I did it:


Step 1: choose a niche


Pick a field that you are passionate about, knowledgeable about or have a strong interest in.

It is also important to know that not all niche are highly profitable.

Here are the three most profitable niches:

  • Health / fitness
  • Money 
  • Love / relationships 


Step 2: build a reputation in your niche


Everyone thinks the secret to fast growth is to write better platitudes.

Not true.

When you're starting out, the fastest way is to gain authority in your niche and then expand outwards. Save the platitudes for later.

Best way to do this is to first find a social media platform that you understand best and then find other accounts in your niche and interact with them.

If your skill is bodyweight training, interact with health accounts.

If your skill is Instagram growth, interact with online biz accounts.

At this stage you've optimized your profile and you're engaging with other creators in your niche to get exposure.

If you do this DAILY you'll develop a reputation very quickly.

Now what?


Step 3: start posting helpful and engaging content regularly


Like any other skill if you practice every day you will get better faster.

Not all of your content are going to pop.

If you make it a habit to create and post 3-5 pieces of content everyday.


Step 4: position yourself as an expert


Before you sell anything you need to show your followers what you're made of

You can do this by posting content of :

> Your wins

> Case studies

> Your processes

> Powerful lessons

> Stories that position you as an expert


Eg: Let's say you're a fitness coach


Here's what you should post to position yourself as an expert :

> Your client wins 

> Fat loss tips and tricks 

> How to overcome roadblocks 

> Your personal journey from unfit to fit Do this consistently and people will start notice


Step 5: identify pain points


The ONLY reason why people buy anything on online is to solve a problem they are experiencing.

And the only way to get them to a point where they're willing to PAY to solve that problem is to figure out their pain points and agitate those pain points.


Step 7: approach other craters or brands in your niche and ask them to become an affiliate of their products.


In most cases, they will say yes.

Most creators normally give a commission of around 30% - 50% per sale

Set up your affiliate link/s in your bio.

Promote regularly.


Step 8: remain consistent  


Consistency is the secret to making money through affilate marketing. Show up everyday, provide value for free and make your audience feel like you care about them and their needs and they will return the favour by purchasing from you. 


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