How to access more VIC content

April 21, 2024

Value Investors Club (VIC) is one of the best websites to source investment ideas it was founded by famous investor Joel Greenblatt.

A lot of serious investors have shared their investment ideas on the site including Michael Bury from The Big Short.

Anyone can view these ideas and it helps that there is a very high hurdle rate in terms of the ideas that actually make it on the website.

However, you can not view any of the ideas that was posted in the last 90 days and to get full access is virtually impossible. You can only gain full access if you submit a successful idea which is really difficult.

There is a way to get access to more recent ideas so that you are only unable to view ideas posted in the last 45 days i.e., you have access to ideas posted in the last 46-90 days.

To do this, all you need is a viable email address. For example, if I currently view VIC ideas without a profile, I am unable to view 229 ideas vs 111 ideas with a profile. So, by simple signing up, you have access to 118 more ideas!

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