How SportTech is unleashing business opportunities.

June 19, 2024

There is a secondary market ripe with opportunities using SportTech being introduced.

In this episode, we discussed the opportunities in Health and SportTech, sparked by the rise of Golfing tracking Apps Flighscope and Inrange. Both apps have their roots in Stellenbosch but both have taken their tech to the global stage.

 Flightscope's ball-tracking technology can now be seen on the PGA where viewers can watch the ball's trajectory live on TV. This technology has sparked a new use case with Inrange, which is making driving ranges fun by making the experience interactive. 

These solutions got us talking about the possibilities of what these tech companies can bring to small businesses outside of the tech scene. And above that, we discussed how Strove, another South African HealthTech startup, is integrating with the likes of Strava to bring a B2B solution for the well-being of company employees.



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