Highlights of the day: 30 August

July 17, 2023

FinMeUp highlights of the day


South Africa

Stadio Holdings Limited- Results for the six months ended 30 June 2022

  • Revenue grew 13% to R617 million.
  • Student numbers grew 11% to 38 348.
  • EBITDA grew 19% to R192 million.
  • EPS grew 17% to 11.2 cents per share.
  • No interim dividend was declared.

Master Drilling Group Limited- Unaudited interim report for the six months ended 30 June 2022

  • Revenue grew 34% to US$96.5 million.
  • Profit grew 47.9% to US$13.4 million.
  • Basic EPS grew 48.3% to 8.9 U.S. cents.
  • Net cash from operating activities increased 19.0% to US$13.4 million.

Super Group Limited- Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2022

  • Revenue increased by 17.0% to R46.24 billion.
  • EBITDA increased by 69.8% to R7.03 billion.
  • EPS increased by 33.3% to 378.5 cents.

Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited- Results for the year ended 30 June 2022

  • Revenue grew 2% to R42 645m.
  • Production profit fell 20% to R9 546m.
  • EPS decreased by 120% to a loss of 172 cents.
  • The board declared a final dividend of 22 cents per share, to be paid on Monday, 17 October 2022.

Old Mutual Limited- Unaudited interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2022

  • Life APE sales grew 15% to R6.2 billion.
  • Net client cash flows decreased 27% to negative R4.3 billion.
  • Gross flows fell 14% to R83.4 billion.
  • Funds under management decreased 7% due to lower market levels globally.
  • The board declared an interim dividend of 25 cents per share, to be paid on Monday, 17 October 2022.


The U.S.


  • Honda plans to build a new $4.4 Billion lithium-ion battery plant for electric vehicles in the US with LG Energy.


  • AMD's launch event for its new Ryzan 7000 series chips was held yesterday.
  • AMD's Ryzen 7000 series is desktop PCs first 5nm CPU.
  • CEO, Lisa Su, said AMD's new Ryzen 5 7600X chips will offer 5% faster gaming on average compared to Intel's Core I9 12900K.
  • The Ryzen series chips will be available from the 27th of September.


  • Elon Musk has filed another notice to terminate his acquisition of Twitter, citing additional undisclosed reasons for the termination.


  • Nvidia has announced a new data center solution with $DELL.
  • To bring "state-of-the-art AI training, AI inference, data processing, data science and zero-trust security capabilities to enterprises worldwide".


  • Toyota has produced 706,547 vehicles worldwide during July down 8.6% YoY and below its target of around 800K units.


  • Amazon Web Services have announced the launch of its second region in the Middle East, the AWS Middle East (UAE) Region.


  • ADT has Partnered with Uber to provide In-App safety feature for riders and drivers in America.


  • META now allows users to connect digital wallets and post NFTs on Facebook and Instagram.


Biggest winners and losers


  • Karooooo +3.40%
  • Harmony Gold -11.27%


  • Pinduoduo +0.98%
  • AMD -2.55%


  • Bitcoin -2.2%
  • Ethereum -0.1%
  • BNB -1.0%


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