Highlights of the day: 3 May

April 16, 2024

FinMeUp highlights of the day


In a recent SEC filing, Tesla said they believe in crypto as a liquid alternative to cash and a potential long-term asset.

Meta Platforms
Meta, formerly known as Facebook, plans on adding four VR headsets between now and 2024.

Spotify x Roblox
Spotify is making its way into the metaverse.
Spotify has announced the launch of Spotify Island inside the Roblox game.

Pfizer: Q1 report
Revenues $25.7 Billion, reflecting an increase of 76%.
EPS $1.62, increased 74.2% from the same period last year.

Berkshire Hathaway
Quarterly earnings of almost $5.5 billion fell by 53% versus the same quarter in 2021. This is a result of slowing economic growth and a stock market pullback.
Earnings from Berkshires manufacturing, service and retailing segment jumped 15.5% to $3.03 billion in the quarter.
Warren Buffett says Berkshire Hathaway added $600M of Apple shares in the first quarter.

Renergen has announced that the cold boxes are being purged and pre-cooled using liquid nitrogen. The nitrogen reduces the risk of fires during start up.
This is important for preparing the units for acceptance of gas from the field in the coming weeks.
This shows significant progress in commissioning of Phase 1 of the Virginia Gas Project.
The company is doing further testing and will continue to update the market as milestones are reached.

Biggest winners and losers: 
- Montauk Renewables +7.76%
- Thungela -5.58%

- Fiserv +3.5%
- Nike -2.9%

- Bitcoin -0.9%
- Ethereum +0.3%
- Ada +1.8%

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