Highlights of the day: 2 June

June 16, 2024

FinMeUp highlights of the day

South Africa

Capital Appreciation Limited- Consolidated financial results for the year ended 31 March 2022

  • Revenue grew 34.1% to R831.0 million.
  • Trading profit grew 46.2% to R273.2 million.
  • EBITDA grew 45.5% to R251.6 million.
  • EBITDA margin improved to 30.3% from 27.9% reported in the previous corresponding period.
  • Operating profit grew 53.7% to R211.8 million.
  • EPS grew 30.1% to 13.37 cents compared to 10.28 cents reported in the prior corresponding period.
  • HEPS grew 29.6% to 13.40 cents compared to 10.34 cents reported in the prior corresponding period.
  • The board declared an annual dividend of 7.50 cents a share to be paid on Monday, 27 June.
  • The company achieved strong demand for products and services as corporate investment in digitalisation accelerates.
  • The software division achieved revenue growth of 34%.
  • The group established the international division in June 2021.
  • International income grew by 33%.
  • The group acquired Responsive Group which has added value to customers and opened the door to new capabilities.




  • Amazon plans to shut down its Kindle business in China next year.

General Motors

  • General Motors owned Cruise could become the first company to secure a permit to charge for self-driving car rides in San Francisco if it can overcome objections by city officials.

GameStop earnings

  • EPS of -$2.08 missing expectations of -$1.45.
  • Rev of $1.38B beating expectations of $1.33B.


  • SoFi CEO Anthony Noto bought 21.2K shares of the stock at an average price of $7.07 per share.
  • Since March 4th, he has purchased $1,251,913.44 worth of SoFi stock.


  • Sheryl Sandberg is stepping down as Meta's COO according to Bloomberg.
  • Meta's stock price is down 2% since the news.


  • YouTube and Google announced today a new feature that lets you connect your TV to your iOS or Android phone.


Biggest winners and losers: 


  • Harmony Gold +7.33%
  • Transaction Capital -3.64%


  • Pinduoduo +1.72%
  • Ansys -2.09% 


  • Bitcoin -4.1%
  • Ethereum -6.0%
  • Solana -8.3%


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