Highlights of the day: 10 May

June 17, 2024

FinMeUp highlights of the day

Kaap Agri Consolidated Results For The Six Months Ended 31 March 2022
Revenue grew by 26.7% to R7.2 billion
EBITDA increased by 13.0% to R398.3m.
EPS increased by 22.0% to 366.56 cents per share.
HEPS increased by 13.9% to 341.61 cents per share.
Recurring HEPS increased by 15.0% to 351.11 cents per share.
An interim dividend of 46.00 cents per share has been declared, set to be paid in June

On Tuesday, Sony announced that its fourth-quarter operating profit has more than doubled to $1.06 billion.

ARK Innovation
Cathie Wood has cut her twitter stake by another $6.4 million. The fund is edging closer to a complete exit.

Grand Parade Investments
Grand Parade Investments will hand its 9.3% stake in Spur Corporation to investors.
Grand Parade has also sold all its Burger King South Africa shares.

Peloton Q1 Earnings
Revenue: $964.3M vs. $972.9M Expected.
EPS: -$2.27 vs. -$0.83 Expected.
Peloton has signed a deal with JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs for a $750M term loan.

Biggest winners and losers: 
Transaction Capital +3.90%
Montauk Renewables -8.21% 

Seagen +8.52%
Moderna -5.68% 

Crypto (sell-off continues)
Bitcoin -5.0%
Ethereum -2.1%
Terra -51.8%

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