Grindrod Holdings

June 17, 2024
Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark

Update note on 750 cent target made. Where to now for Grindrod?

I've covered Grindrod for over 20-years

I've had a standing buy on the stock since November 2020 at 350 cents and again in November 2021 at 531 cents, both had a target value of 750 cents

Recently on the back of asset sales of Grindrod Bank and the prospects for third party rail, Grindrod ran to a high of 950 cents and is today back at 889 cents.

With the stock having exceeded my target I enclose a link below to my recent 9-page institutional client note on Grindrod updating my narrative and opinion on the stock as well as my target price.

New Grindord target is 1150 cents



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