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June 17, 2024

Tracking FinMeUp's progress through May 2022

Welcome to the 1st monthly edition of the FinMeUp newsletter! In our monthly newsletters, we thought it best to focus on the events of the past month, the current state of FinMeUp, and what we have planned for the months to come. Weve said it a 100 times and well say it again: Community is our number one priority. All the fixes, upgrades, new ideas, and partnerships are focussed on creating a value-packed application that brings you closer to financial freedom. 

Social media strategy

Social media is all about engagement. We noticed that our social media, especially Instagram, needed a more professional, structured, and personal look and feel. So, weve stepped up and made the necessary improvements. Do you like what weve done this past week? We certainly believe its a step in the right direction. 

Social media following

Our online presence is steadily gaining traction. Twitter and Instagram are running smoothly, and we also recently launched FinMeUp Facebook groups to start our community interactions on Metas flagship platform. Collectively, we now have an online presence of 54 500 community members.

App users

We have reached 5000 app users! To celebrate this feat, our head of Community, Jont√© Smit, performed the first physical FinMeUp stunt by sitting in an ice bath for 5 minutes. 

App development

We are stoked with what we have created thus far, but we are also conscious of the fully-fledged product that we aim to eventually deliver. Our next development sprint is xxx weeks away! The main upgrades include text displayer improvements, push notifications and a chat feature that will further facilitate engagement with users, along with a few subtle touch-ups and additions. Stay tuned!

Execution features

FinMeUp has always been an informational and educational platform. From the very beginning, however, we knew that clearing the way to financial freedom should not be limited to education only, but rather education that leads to execution.

We came up with two new tools that will help users take action: An interactive budget calculator, and a risk profile feature, both of which will be available on our website. Were working hard behind the scenes to have this ready asap! 

Were also launching a cool insurance product next week! Yes, its happening, and its happening fast. Were growing. Were building. Were creating. In time, FinMeUp will be the one-stop shop for all your finance needs.


We are expanding our borders! We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Hisa Africas first social wealth management platform. FinMeUp will be the educational platform for Hisa users, offering them premium financial education. In turn, Hisa will become a mentor on our app, as well as grant our users the opportunity to invest in thousands of US Stocks and ETFs via the Hisa platform. Africa, here we come! 

Premium subscribers

Our premium conversion rate is growing every week. Of course, we want to provide as much free content as possible, but at the end of the day we are a business and we need to keep the wheels turning. We are looking to create added benefits for premium users in addition to premium articles, but were still engaging in discussions surrounding these benefits.  In the meantime, thank you to all the users that are willing to pay for our services. We really do appreciate the support and trust that you put in us to create value.

Our leading mentors on the app currently are Soul Financial (97 premium subs), Higgo van Biljon (90 premium subs), and FinMeUp (77 subs). Who will reach the big 100 first? Well find out next week!

Thank you!

Lastly, we want to thank every member for engaging with us on social media and on the app. We love what we do, and therefore you can trust that we will keep improving every step of the way. It is easy to work hard if you find joy in your work and the people that you work with. Watch this space, were coming in hot!



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