FinMeUp Monthly Newsletter: September

April 16, 2024

Tracking FinMeUp's progress through September 2022.


Welcome to the FinMeUp monthly newsletter! In this edition, we discuss the progress of the past month, current developments, and future prospects! Lets dive in!


App Users

We have reached the 8.5K mark! Overall, we have added 604 users to our user base, taking the tally from 7.9K to 8.5K in September. The 10K dream is getting closer and closer every day.  


Social Media

We are still searching for a graphics designer/marketing specialist to join our ranks. In the meantime, our team and mentors are all contributing to making FinMeUp as visible as possible. Click on the social media link to proceed to the platform. Followers:


Financial Advisors

FinMeUps vision has been to bridge the gap between education and execution. Weve handled all the paperwork, and now we can assist you with execution.

How does it work?
FinMeUp will operate as the intermediary between clients (you!) and product providers (Allan Gray, Sygnia, Momentum etc). Our goal is to create a unique investment portfolio, based on your specific wants and needs. Once weve established a rock-solid strategy, we hand it over to the product providers to take care of the rest. FinMeUp will take a small fee to facilitate this process.

Ready to schedule a meeting? Lets get you going. Financial freedom awaits! ://forms.gle/JdrQEKtPhyA1ygzF7


Quiz Feature

Over the past month, we have committed all our resources to developing a super cool new feature: The FinMeUp Daily Quiz. We are really hyped to launch this feature, so keep an eye out for the official release date. More info to follow on our socials.


Money Matters Event

Has someone told you money matters? On 20 October 2022, we are hosting Money Matters - an evening of finances, investments, and networking. You can look forward to speakers such as Daniel Strauss, Soul Financial, and more! Be sure to RSVP via the following link: https://forms.gle/qiGL6MVeSc9YGNAUA


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