FinMeUp Monthly Newsletter: June

April 17, 2024

Tracking FinMeUp's progress through June 2022

June was characterised as the month of building upon foundation. It is easy to grow and try new things because we know that our foundations are strong. We aim to ensure that every action aligns with our vision, which is to facilitate financial freedom for our community.

Our core focus as a business remains user growth. The more users on the app, the more value we can add in the longer term. So, how are we doing?

Social media growth

Our online presence is steadily gaining traction. Twitter and Instagram are running smoothly, and we also recently launched FinMeUp Facebook groups to further facilitate community and engagement. Our social media community now includes 25K followers on Instagram, 11K on Twitter, and 8K on YouTube. 

App users

Despite the current economic recession, we have added roughly 1300 app users this month, accumulating to a total of 6400 users as of the end of June. This represents a 25% month-on-month increase a stat that were very proud of. At this rate, we will reach 10 000 users by September. Progress might seem slow, but before you know it, you will have turned into a giant. 

App development

Our next sprint is currently under development. We expect the updated version to be available by the end of next week. The main upgrades include text displayer improvements, push notifications, article sharing, and a chat feature that will further facilitate engagement with users, along with a few subtle touch-ups and additions. Stay tuned!

Website additions

FinMeUp has always been an informational and educational platform. We are, however, conscious of the fact that information must lead to execution. If we cant convert users from learners to do-ers, were not making a difference.

We are developing three new tools that will help users take action: An interactive budget calculator, a risk profile simulator, and a financial return calculator, all of which will be available on our website. We are working hard to have this ready asap. 


We have a massive partnership announcement to make. BUT we cant say too much until next week. Watch this space. 

Mentorship month

July is mentorship month. We want to provide our community with the opportunity to engage with our team. A financial coach in your pocket!

Do you have a question that youd like to ask? Great! Well answer them all! Apply below to join: https://lnkd.in/gzTsQCcb

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Premium subscribers

We are looking to create added benefits for premium users in addition to premium articles, but were still engaging in discussions surrounding these benefits.  In the meantime, thank you to all the users that are willing to pay for our services. We really do appreciate the support and trust that you put in us to create value.

Thank you!

Lastly, we want to thank every member for engaging with us on social media and on the app. We love what we do, and you can trust that we will keep improving every step of the way. 

All the fixes, upgrades, new ideas, and partnerships are focussed on creating a value-packed application that brings you closer to financial freedom. Onwards and upwards!

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