FinMeUp Financial Advisors

April 16, 2024

Introducing our brand new service offering!

We recognize that the world of investing can appear a little daunting. Why should I invest and how should I go about it? This is exactly the reason why FinMeUp was created:  To teach ordinary people the ins and outs of investing so that they can create financial freedom for themselves.

FinMeUp has always been an informational and educational platform to support retail investors. We are, however, conscious of the fact that education must lead to execution. If we cannot help our community to bridge the gap between learning to doing, were not making a difference. 

So, how do we get people to execute on the knowledge that they have gained on our app? Thus far, in only one way: By investing via platforms such as EasyEquities themselves. If this is you, well done! We applaud it when people choose their own shares, and we support these platforms to facilitate that process.

BUT, some people simply do not have the time, interest, or expertise to manage their own money. And so, the solution is clear: Why not let somebody do it for you? Why not let that somebody be us? Introducing:


FinMeUp Financial Advisors


How does it work?

FinMeUp will operate as the intermediary between clients and asset managers. The process is simple: 

  • A FinMeUp financial advisor sets up one-on-one meetings with clients to discuss their unique investor profiles. This includes variables such as their investment goals, time horizons, and risk profiles.
  • Once we know who you are, we can create an investment portfolio that does exactly what you want it to do grow in the background whilst you focus on what you do best. FinMeUp will take a small fee for facilitating this process.
  • Your money will be safely invested via FinMeUp into assets with various asset managers. In other words, we facilitate the process of how to, where to, and in which assets to invest based on your unique financial circumstances. 

All the upgrades, new ideas, and projects that we pursue are focussed on creating financial value for our community. We believe that FinMeUp Financial Advisors is yet another FinMeUp product that will prove of great value to you in the future. So, join us today.  Financial Freedom awaits!

Early bird sign-up form link: https://bit.ly/3ALsW7A


FinMeUp will be regulated as a juristic representative under ZAQ Wealth. Any information shared will be protected in accordance with POPIA.

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