Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps: Path to Financial Freedom

April 16, 2024

For years, Dave Ramsey has preached his 7 baby steps to financial freedom. Dave Ramsey is a multimillionaire, financial educator, radio personality and many other things. His baby steps have dramatically impacted the lives of everyday Americans in their path to becoming debt free and wealthy. His methods are very simple.

You can find the steps here:


Their YouTube channel is also entertaining:


Although his methods might be deemed old school, there is a lot of merit in them here is a few others:

1. Don't stay together with you boyfriend/girlfriend/partner if you are not married.

This might seem at odds with 2022, but the logic is quite sound. If you buy a property or combine your financial lives without getting married you are at risk. This is because there's nothing legally tying you to the other person. 

2. If you marry another person, you need to agree on the following 4 things for you to be in a highly successful marriage:

Money, children, family/inlaws and religion.


Note, everyone is different with different circumstances and you do not need to follow Dave Ramsey's advice. His tips on money and relationships are general observations that he has seen work over his more than 30 years of experience. You can make money in a lot of different ways using for example debt or you and your significant other can have completely separate financial lives, but this will make you the exception rather than rule as it relates to the building of wealth.

Books that share these sentiments:

The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy

Everyday Millionaires

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