Curro Holdings

June 17, 2024
Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark

Private education stock Curro Holdings has issed a trading update for its YE2022 my comment

Private education stock Curro Holdings has been a disappointing investment for some years as rampant expansion funded by six rights issues caused to market to become jaded with the one time star of the mid-cap sector

At its height Curro had a market value of R20 billion today its R5.4 billion and is trading at 901 cents

I have posted on this platform some months back my change of stance towards Curro and made the stock my No.1 sector play on a short-to medium term basis though I still maintain if I only had to be in one stock in private education longer-termit would be Stadio Holdings

With a solid YE2022 trading update released I made a comment on the guidance.



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