Argent Industrial

April 16, 2024
Anthony Clark
Anthony Clark

Comment on sparkling trading update

JSE small-cap Argent Industrial has been a favourite of this analyst since I selected the counter at 352 cents in March 2019. 

I actually enclose an original report back in the day to explain why I selected the stock a stock the market was ignoring yet I believed had significant upside.

That report is below in the GDrive link



Recently Argent issued its trading update to March 2023 which was as good as I had been forecasting as far back as November 2022.

Strong offshore earnings aided the company and the weakness of the Rand against the British Pound and US$ will aid the company in its H1 2023 results

I wrote a brief note on the trading update with a link in the report back to my prior, more detailed, Argent recommendation



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