5 Favourite Investment YouTube Channels

April 17, 2024

There's a lot of great investment channels on YouTube. Today I will share my 5 favourite YouTube channels.

5. Fired Up Wealth

Coming in at number 5 is Fired Up Wealth. What makes this channel great is that the content creator has a tech background and covers these type of stocks. So its valuable to learn about these companies especially if they're not your strong point.
Also, there's a good series on different dividend companies in each sector which I found very good.
See here:

4. Finaius

This channel is more of channel for entertainment, not really a channel that covers stock picks. What makes this channel great is that it covers the history of famous/successful investors. It gives you a glimpse into their background and the videos are high quality. The channel covers famous investors like Peter Lynch, Bill Ackman and Cathy Wood to name a few.


3. Joseph Carlson

Joseph Carlson has 2 channels, the Joseph Carlson show and the Joseph Carlson show after hours. His main channel covers his dividend portfolio while the after hours show focuses on his growth portfolio or 'story fund'.

The best part of these channels are the radical transparency Joseph displays. Most financial content creators love to post results and information when things are going well, however, very few share their results when things go south and luckily this is not the case with his channels. More yet, people watching the channel can actually replicate his strategy if they want to and, overall, his delivery of information is very balanced.



2. The Acquirers Podcast

The only podcast channel on this list. The Acquirers Podcast is hosted by Tobias Carlisle, famous value investor author.

They usually release a weekly topical episode with host Tobias and regular guests Jake Taylor and Bill Brewster. The channel also has content in which Toby interviews investment professionals from various backgrounds.

As the name suggests, the show has a tilt towards the value investing approach a must for prospective value investors.


1. The Swedish Investor

The Swedish Investor is my favourite investment YouTube channel. What makes this channel great is the effort put into the content. Videos are generally released on a infrequent basis, but it's always worth the wait.

I like this channel the most because I feel like it has the best content on none other than Warren Buffett. There's also a great series on Charlie Munger aka Warren Buffett's investment partner. Therefore, if you like anything to do with Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway you'll love this channel.

Apart from great quality on Warren Buffett, the channel also covers investment book reviews, investment tips and many more.


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