What school and university didn't teach you

What schools and university didn’t teach you…

The solution:


Traditional educational institutions teach children and young adults many fundamentals, but not always practical ways to reach financial independence. Isn’t that the goal at the end of the day?

For example, it teaches you what a plan is, the importance of a plan or how write out a plan, but it does not teach or guide you on how to execute it.

Or where in school or university were you taught how to raise funds for your startup?

Or how to look after your credit score?

How cryptos work? How to do digital marketing properly? How to start your investment journey?

The list goes on…


FinMeUp is solving this problem with the new product, called FinMeUni.

Focusing on all the relevant aspects of reaching financial independence.


FinMeUni consists of 4 main features, namely:

1.     Online Courses- What schools & university didn’t teach you.

2.     Money Matters- A practical business dictionary in your pocket.

3.     Summarised Business News- Who wants to read long articles?

4.     Online Boardoom- Ask and answer any business questions that you may have

All on the FinMeUp app.


With Online Courses including:

-       How to start and scale a business successfully

-       How to start investing

-       Looking after your credit score

-       Understanding cryptocurrencies

-       How to create a pitch deck

-       Full digital marketing guide course

-       Tax basics for SA

& a few more coming soon.


After completing the course, you will receive a completion certificate, as well as the relevant knowledge to kickstart your journey to financial independence.


Note that FinMeUni is just one of the features on the FinMeUp app.

FinMeUp’s vision is to take the FinMeUsers from education to execution, so that they can become the bosses of their own finances.

The various features on the FinMeUp app allows this vision to become a reality.


FinMeUp features include:

-       FinMeUni

-       Stock Picks

-       Podcasts

-       Notes & Tips

-       Investing Game

-       Daily Quizzes

-       FinMeTools (Launching Soon!)


Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Be Your Own Boss!





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