FinMeUp Baskets on EasyEquities!

What is a basket you may ask?

Well, it is an easy for you to invest in the best companies!

If you have an account with EasyEquities, you can invest in a basket.
When you invest in one of the FinMeUp baskets, it automatically buys shares in the companies that FinMeUp chose.

There are 5 baskets that you can choose from:
1. FinMeUp's High Growth Innovation Seed basket (US)
2. FinMeUp's statue of liberty (US)
3. FinMeUp's Small Cap picks (SA)
4. FinMeUp's table Mountain (SA)
5. FinMeUp's Home Run Picks (SA)

Once you buy any of the baskets, you are then a shareholder of some of the greatest companies in the world!
These are all "Theme" baskets, and the companies within in the baskets were specifically chosen by us!

If you don't have an EasyEquities account, contact us and we can organise an investing voucher for you!

Investing made easy!
Be Your Own Boss!

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