FinMeUni launching!!!

We are excited to announce that FinMeUni will be launching in a few months times, but you can sign up now for early access benefits.

Schools don't teach:
1. How to build your net worth.
2. How to scale a business.
3. How to invest.
4. How to build an income.
5. How to execute plans.
6. How to think for yourself. 
The list goes on...

That is why we are launching FinMeUni!

FinMeUni will consist of:
1. Valuable finance, business and investment courses. These courses will be relevant and practical. Not just loads of unneccesary information.
You will receive a certificate once you pass the course. (Good attachment for your cv).
2. Money matters features. Sound interesting, right?
3. Staying updated to relevant news. In the world of media we live in, we receive news that are just completely wasting our valuable energy.
4. Online boardroom. Everyone has a seat at the table! This discussion forum allows FinMeUp users to discuss their questions and get answers!

You can sign up for early access benefits on the FinMeUp website under "FinMeUni" for free!

This is an amazing addition to the current FinMeUp app with our:
1. Daily Quizzes
2. Stock picks
3. Podcasts and summaries.
4. FunMeUp investing and trading game.

All on one simplistic app.

FinMeUp's app is available on the App Store and Google Play.


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